Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little bit about the new collection...

Designers love to employ beautiful fabrics to combine function and aesthetics in whimsical play. The Sognsvann lamp (Left) follows this creed by evoking a memory the designer had along Norway's Lake Sognsvann. The fabric, what at first glance might appear to be an abstract bleed, is a scene of trees reflected in still water. Passersby provoke the glistening silk to lightly sway, creating an ebb and flow in the depicted waters. The light bulb that hangs behind the silk curtain could be mistaken for the moon as the viewer is slowly hypnotized by the lamp’s layered nuance. The Sognsvann lamp, made of Scandinavian Oakwood inspires the senses with its poetic efficacy and exceeds the boundaries of a fabric’s functional uses.  Right (Gold Pendant Lamp)            

 This year Brunklaus Amsterdam was true to form, creating new textiles and lamps that engage their audience with hidden meaning. For the textile collection, Brunklaus chose to tell a family story, of sorts, by reinventing forgotten family relics, woven and needlepoint craft from 1890 to the present. The textiles, trompe l’oeil collages of old knit work, tell a story of time and endurance. Their profound color combinations attract the eye and create moments that draw the viewer into a history they have yet to learn.

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