Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dutch Ruysdael skies

Welcome to my blog.

The sky over Amsterdam is one of  my daily inspirations, the studio looks out over the IJlake.
Therefore I love this beautiful observation by my Americain friend, Julie Lemon from Chicago.
J.Lemon is a photographer and visited my studio daily in May.

Jacob van Ruysdael, View of Haarlem, 1670

A close study of the 17th century Dutch landscape painters reveals
their ability to see and faithfully describe the land in which they
found themselves.
My recent trip to Amsterdam affirmed the Dutch painter’s accuracy
in describing the unique skies that are so much a part of this country’s landscape.
While visiting Nicolette Brunklaus, I was drawn to the ever-changing Dutch sky, which van Ruysdael transcribed centuries before with its vastness and varying moods.

At times the skies bring elegant puffy clouds, brisk wispy clouds,

dark low hanging clouds that press down to blanket the land,
or simply empty blue space. So moved by the changing moods of this
sky, I photographed them everyday at the same point as I walked to
Brunklaus’s atelier. (May 2009).
Julie Lemon 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Album d'Ouvrages de Henriette Smit

Welcome to my first post on my new blog! I am looking forward to sharing with you, through photographs, the things of my daily life that make me tick.

This is a needle point craft book by the great great aunt of my mother. Henriette Smit started needle point at the age of 10 and completed this book at the age of 16 (from 1890-1896). In those days, young girls had to learn all the needle point techniques in preparation for marriage.

Henriette died at the age of 25 of tuberculosis, just before her marriage to a doctor.

I love the different types and techniques of the textiles, therefore this book with its fine handcraft  is a historical treasure and very inspiring. Every page shows a different skill from colored embroidery to miniature dresses and there is a personal quality to it to which I can relate.

Below is a page from the book where Henriette, practiced her knitting, crochet and darning socks.