Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012

It's the third day of the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012. New pillows, lamps and more are on display at our booth this year.  The Stockholm Furniture Fair breeds big ideas among creative people and plenty of positive energy. Even on the first day, after our stand was painted in a deep-blue green, it looked like we entered a fairy tale. We realized the Brunklaus world in pop-up form!

Above: Sognsvann and Abstract Gold Pendant lamp 
(Handmade, oak and printed silk)

The colors of the new Sognsvann pendant lamps are bold and sultry against the background walls. Every movement  in the air provokes the silk to move slightly, like ripples on the surface of the Norwegian Lake Sognsvann (the source of inspiration for the new lamp).

As architects, press and stylist came from  Elle, Bobedre, and the Swedish design magazine Villabladet Sydväst, we had the feeling we were losing them to another world in the soft and alluring glow of the pendant lamps.

See more visual rhyming of the Brunklaus collection on YouTube

***More news to come as the fair continues through February 11th*** 

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012

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