Monday, November 22, 2010

New York and Oslo

   One of the things that have been on my agenda for a long time is to visit New York again.
 I was there last week to visit  friends and colleagues and to just experience the creative energy of this big city. 

I was very much inspired by the art bookfair at PS1, all art bookpublishers in one building displayed their book collections. I found a book on Merit Oppenheim and am still in search for a copy of Elsa Schiaparelli.
At the Moma I attended the opening of the
Building Collections: Recent Acquisitions of Architecture please follow this link
I visited the Mood fabric store (project runway) in the garment district, what a great place for fabric lovers, left over fabrics from a wide range of fashion designers are just for sale in this shop.
From New york with a one day stop at the studio in Amsterdam I left for Oslo.
In Oslo at Eske: the shop was redesigned by Karina Holmen, Eske has a large range of Brunklaus design
from the house of anne,vintage forest, portrait pillows to the new colors of the shady tree lamp and the house of anne lamp.
The house of anne theme is inspired on my old boarding school that I attended when I was a little girl.
The day before the building got demolished all our girls (age range from 30 to 80) were invited for one last visit.
I was completly surprised that the building and interior were exactly the same  as when I was 10. For the collection see


Karina Holmen
for more information about Eske

This week I will be in Copenhagen for the Brunklaus at  Mekavi Event in collaboration with Bo Bedre.
next week more on this .

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